Bizarre & Taboo Events, Subjects and Rituals

In the world of the bizarre and taboo, we enter a place where things don’t quite make sense. Those things may be too shocking and unbelievable. It’s hard to accept the things that conflict with our sense of right and wrong. These are the things that capture our attention. We’ve created an entire category devoted to the bizarre and taboo. You will find a vast array of interesting, horrifying and mind-blowing subjects. Topics will run from the unthinkable horrors of two frightening similar murders 157 years apart to the sad and bizarre story of Dede Koswara, the Tree Man.

You should be forewarned that some of our stories are not for the faint of heart. There are many disturbing articles in our collection that may not be suitable for all audiences. However, for the rest of you, kick back and take a peek into this shocking world and prepare to be blown away.

Actor Leonard DiCaprio and his Doppelgänger from Russia. Photo: AP

Have You Seen Your Doppelganger?

Stories about the appearance of a doppelgänger range from a glimpse through the corner of an eye to a double reflection in a mirror. Have you seen yours?

The police would like to speak to this person about his frightening appearance.

Le Loyon: Hermit of the Swiss Forest

Le Loyon is a mysterious person who has been patrolling the forests of Switzerland. Le Loyon wears a trench coat and gas mask and wishes to be left alone.

A close up of the Tree Man's foot.

Dede Koswara – The Tree Man

Dede Koswara became known as the Tree Man because of his rare and troubling disease which causes root-like growths along with bark-like patches on his skin.