Edward Muscare: The Creepiest Man on YouTube

by Jim H

A Desire to be in Show Business

Edward Muscare is arguably one of the strangest human beings of the internet age. He gained his notoriety on YouTube by creating some pretty weird videos. His work can still be seen all over the internet. However, people should be warned that his videos will probably make you want to take a shower.

Still shot of Edward Muscare in one of his YouTube videos.

Still shot of Edward Muscare in one of his YouTube videos.

Muscare was born in the 1930s, in New York. He always dreamed of becoming an entertainer, and he found some success as a television presenter in Kansas using the alias “Mr. Ed”. During the course of his career, Muscare showed a tremendous amount of potential hosting a late night show as a vampire as well as a children’s program. However, his days of being a prime-time actor were doomed before they began.

Edward Muscare Criminal Record

In 1987, Muscare was convicted of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old male. He spent 18 months in jail and was placed on ten-year probation. His neighbors began to despise him. Muscare was labeled as a freak. He eventually moved to Florida to get away from the hatred, but his criminal acts were revealed to all those who lived nearby.

Edward Muscare’s mug shot.

Edward Muscare’s mug shot.

Edward Muscare could not escape his troubled past. At this point in his life, he was very old and seemed to embrace his strange appearance. Missing teeth, disheveled hair, and strange antics freaked out many viewers. Muscare looked like the scientist from ‘Back to the Future,’ but a possessed version. Some even say he looked like the real “Herbert the Pervert” of Family Guy.

After the many failures and hardships of his life, Edward Muscare decided to give his dream of acting one more shot. However, no studio was going to ever hire a convicted sex offender, so Muscare decided to make his own videos on YouTube.

The Edaren YouTube Channel

He released several short clips, and soon he was seen by millions of people around the world. His most famous YouTube video to date was his strange lip-syncing rendition of ‘Pretty Woman.’ The creepy old man poured his heart out into the performance as if he was acting in a Hollywood blockbuster film. He even took his sweater off in the video, but luckily he had another shirt on underneath it.

The ‘Pretty Woman’ performance earned Edward Muscare millions of YouTube views. He quickly became a sensation on the internet. Word of mouth spread the exploits of the creepy old man on YouTube. Each of his next videos was weirder than the last. The world was granted an insight into the mind of the strangest YouTuber of all time.

Muscare even showed how useful a toilet scrubber can be as a back scratcher. That was another video that perplexed and haunted the minds of all those who have seen it. The widespread attention was everything that Muscare had ever dreamed of, but his newfound fame would come at a cost.

Probation Violation and Death

Edward Muscare’s true identity was soon discovered once again. By this time, he was living in South Carolina, where it was mandatory that all sex offenders report their home address. However, Muscare decided that he wasn’t going to be scrutinized any more. He never registered on the sex offender website.

The YouTube videos helped authorities track down Muscare. His computers were confiscated because it is illegal for sex offenders to own such a device in the state of South Carolina. But, Muscare continued releasing strange videos nonetheless with the help of others.

A judge decided to sentence Edward Muscare to 5 years in prison for violating his probation. On January 9, 2012, Muscare died in jail. Even though he is gone, his twisted videos will live forever on YouTube.

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