July Moon: A Lycan Love Story

Stories to read in the dark.

by A. Blackcat, August 2021

The two came to the river to bathe in its shallows, and it was a hot, sticky day in mid-July, and Gabriel was weary and moody.

Marta seemed more beautiful than usual that day, her dark auburn hair blazed and smoldered like a long-forgotten (but still full of life) fire under the hot mid-afternoon sun. Her green eyes shone and glistened like the most precious emeralds. Gabriel was more in love with her than ever.

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They laid in the wild, tall grasses and wildflowers beside the river. Looking up at the wispy, fluffy white clouds they imagined magical, fairytale lands where they could be together for all eternity.

Marta suddenly sat up, “I’m so hot, my love! Come, let’s swim? The water looks so beautiful and cool.”

Gabriel let out a lazy laugh and watched his lady take her simple cotton dress and shoes off.

“Alright, alright, don’t be so impatient, my darling Marta! Just one more kiss. Please?”

He reached out his arm to pull her to him but was too late, for she was up and laughing. She spun around, her flaming hair dancing as she moved and dainty bare feet splashing in the water.

“Come. Come swim with me, Gabriel. The water is so lovely, so cool!”

He laughed merrily–his moodiness was forgotten with this lovely day and in the company of his muse, his beloved. They swam together for two blissful hours, splashing, diving, and exploring. Marta was a strong swimmer, while Gabriel (although himself a fair swimmer) struggled at times to keep up with her.

“You are my little mermaid; that is why you have bewitched me with your siren’s song!” He laughed childlike and carefree.

“No, no, not a mermaid my sweet Gabriel!”

Marta smiled and kissed him tenderly, but something iñ her countenance looked sad and misplaced on such a lovely day and happy moment.

Marta was sad. She was wonderfully, deeply, and truly in love with Gabriel, but the dark secret hung over her like a black cloud.

She had to keep this secret from him, threatening to ruin their future, happiness–and indeed their lives. But she had no choice, and she couldn’t help who or  what  she was.

The family curse wasn’t her fault, but it would be her fate until the day she died.

That is why she lead Gabriel to the river, away from her feeding lair in the middle of the dark wood. Away from all the bodies of local boys and young men savagely ripped apart and mutilated in the feeding frenzy of the she-wolf. That is why she had to make sure Gabriel was home safe and sound before darkness fell when the July wolf moon rose.

She loved him.

Story republished with permission. Note: Content may be edited for style and length. Source: July Wolf Moon
Photo: Ryan Moreno / Unsplash; Christel SAGNIEZ / Pixabay

A. Blackcat

A. Blackcat is from a family of healers. She's into tarot cards, crystals meditation and self hypnosis.