About Us

Paranorms.com is a website devoted to bizarre oddities and paranormal phenomena. This is not a site where you will be left with a warm and fuzzy feeling about the wonderful world we live in.  On the contrary, at Paranorms we dive into the spine-chilling darkness of the world around us. The gritty reality we inhabit is host to moments of oddities and unexplainable paranormal events.  A world of a dark unknown that cannot be explained.  A world where all is not what it seems.

We’ll cover paranormal events, unexplained crimes, old myths, zoology, literature and related popular culture.

In the archives of the Bizarre, you will bear witness to the warped windows that some people call their lives. A mind snaps with no warning and leaves an audience shocked. Another sheds its sanity slowly, pulling onlookers down into the dark tunnels of the soul. Some are simply born with the veil of normalcy already shredded, broken laughter echoing through their shattered glass. These are the strangest stories that defy logic.

In the archives of the Ghost and Haunting, you will glimpse the inexplicable. There is no magician behind the curtain here, only the echoing lights and ghostly whispers of something otherworldly. Painstakingly collected, the Ghost and Haunting archives contain evidence of the supernatural that waits in the dark, macabre and often possessed of a sinister intelligence.

The tales of the Cryptozoology archives can be disturbing. The underbelly of the evolution lays ripped open for all to see. Here there are monsters. The elusive Bigfoot, Lochness Monster, and other cryptids are known throughout the world, savagely visceral and yet shrouded in mystery. We continue to discover new species year after year. There may come a day when we finally prove what we have always believed to exist.

What is a paranormal site without a UFO & Extraterrestrial category? Here we explore the thousands of cases of UFO sightings and Alien abductions. People from all walks of life have testified to seeing these otherworldly beings. Humanity has always asked if we are alone, and these accounts may provide a glimpse of the answer.

There have been many who have joked about monsters that go bump in the night. Sometimes, though, it is no laughing matter. Read through the archives of Paranorms.com, and then decide for yourself.