Haunted Mirror for Sale–Is The Risk Worth It?

Dark energy mirror available for sale!

by Ellie Zed, May 2021

Antique enthusiast and haunted paraphernalia aficionados should note that there is a supposedly haunted mirror available for sale. Mirrors are a pretty common haunted relic, some describe them as having dark energy. These sellers claim one beautiful mirror for sale in Kansas is dangerous because of a demonic presence. Is the potential risk worth it?

Shared on Reddit, @notimportant66 gives a little backstory on their experience with haunted furniture:

Real Paranorms

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A bit of backstory, I acquired a few pieces that I suspect are the cause of activity in my home. Secured items like food flying out of cupboards, planters knocked off counters, knocking on walls and doors opening/closing was a daily occurrence. There were a few restless nights in the beginning, but after being awoken by loud banging on my bedroom door, I got fed up and gave “it” a stern talking to. Everything quieted down since.

While things seemed to cool off in their home, they recently took a turn:

The activity only ramped up again when a family member spent the night and taunted the activity after sharing my experiences with them. That night, they came into my room terrified and left the next morning very shook up.

This paranormal activity has got the poster a little spooked about acquiring additional haunted items.

Having experienced a “haunted” piece, I’m considering buying this mirror. Would this [mirror] be a big risk bringing it home?

The commenters on Reddit given a resounding “NO!” They offer a few good reasons you might stay away from haunted mirrors. Mirrors are often considered to be portals to the otherworld. In some cultures, they cover mirrors when someone passes away to prevent the spirit from returning.

We think the poster should definitely buy the mirror. As one commenter points out, the mirror could act as a gateway to allow the home’s current guests the opportunity to move on. So, what’s the worst that could happen?

Photo by Guilherme Caetano on Unsplash

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