[SOLD] Haunted Acoustic Guitar for $666

by Ellie Zed, March 2021 – Updated April 2021

Update 3/12/21: According to Newsweek, Zak Bagans the host of Ghost Adventures has bought the supposedly haunted acoustic guitar.

For those who are fans of both haunted paraphernalia and are avid guitar players, feast your eyes on this supposedly haunted acoustic guitar being sold in Ohio. For sale by American Vintage & Boutique Music Emporium, this unique instrument is described on Reverb as:

Real Paranorms

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A kid that lived on my street when I was growing up was rumored to be into devil worship, seances, Aleister Crowley, Black Magic, and other dark endeavors of the Spirit World. (Oddly, despite the youth’s somewhat dweebish demeanor and philistine penchant for putrid proclivities, he was quite popular.)


I later learned that this neophyte necromancer was born in June of ’66, and died tragically on Halloween, October 31, 1979, when he was just thirteen years old. His death has never been solved, but the calamitous kid was found lying on his bed with THIS GUITAR draped across him, apparently electrocuted, even though this is an acoustic guitar!


Years later, I ran into the defunct boy’s mother (herself a propagating practitioner of the Pagan arts), and when I informed her that I was a professional guitarist, she offered me her devilish, daisy-pushin’ son’s git-fiddle.

They go on to describe how they found the guitar was haunted.

Since I’ve owned this guitar I’ve heard the strings discordantly ring out, despite no one being near the guitar. Further, on three occasions I put the guitar in my bedroom closet, only to find the guitar on my bed when I returned home (and I live alone!). The final straw occurred when I saw the guitar levitate out of the trash can I had somberly placed it in.

While there’s no way to know the make of the guitar itself, the seller offers this little bit of advice:

So for those of you brave enough to tamper with the Spirit World, I offer you this unique guitar (which appears to date from the late 1950’s through the 1960’s. Satan has apparently stricken the brand name decal from the headstock of the guitar, but my research leads me to believe it’s a Kay Western Special. My expertise lies more with vintage and custom shop Gibson and Fender instruments, particularly the 1959 Les Paul, and Pre-CBS Telecaster and Stratocaster models).

And to the buyer of this ghastly guitar, congratulations, though please use EXTREME CAUTION when conjuring the phantasmic spirits that seem to be channeled through this eerie instrument!

So, now’s your chance to potentially get a satanic guitar… or at least one with a pretty cool story.

Ellie Zed

Ellie has an interest in folklore and strange mysteries. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her dogs and watching a good comedy.