Top Ten Ghost Pictures Not Proven Fake

by Mr. James England, July 2013 – Updated August 2019

Is this a soldier's ghost walking up the stairs?

Ghost photos are a favorite way of paranormal investigators to “prove” the existence of ghosts. Many people, including those who do not believe in ghosts, get a thrill out of the best ghost pictures available. Although many ghost photos have been debunked, we created a list of those that have not been conclusively determined to be fake

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Our Top 10 Ghost Pictures Yet To Be Debunked

We list them below in order of creepiness, as they should be.

Number 10: Soldier on the Stairs

Is this a soldier’s ghost walking up the stairs?

Soldiers are popular subjects of ghost photographs, particularly Civil War soldiers. Such is the case with this photo of what appears to be the ghost of a soldier walking up a set of stairs. The picture dates back to the Civil War.

Number 9: The Watcher

Ghostly Woman Watching

Corroboree Rock is the location of this Australian ghost photo. The subject appears to be a woman holding binoculars. She is looking to the right of the photograph and appears as if she could simply be watching the wildlife.

Number 8: Ghost Baby

A Grave or a sandbox?


This photo almost feels too vivid to be real but has not been proven fake, so retains its creepy factor. An Australian mother took this photo of her daughter’s grave. Interestingly, the daughter was not a baby at the time of her passing and the mother says she does not recognize the ghost baby her camera captured playing on top of her daughter’s grave. The common belief is that the ghost belongs to a baby buried nearby.

Number 7: The Coventry Spectre

The so-called specter in this photograph is pretty intimidating. A hood covers its face. It is dark and appears to be quite large. While the picture is not proven a hoax, it raises an interesting question. You will notice that the dinner party in this picture is rather full. Why is there an empty place for the specter to stand if no one invited him?

Number 6: The Ghostly Hand

A ghostly hand.

This photo is unique because it does not show a ghost, but merely a transparent hand on top of a bureau. The photo was taken by one Montague Cooper roughly a century ago. He claimed to have no knowledge of how the hand got there.

Number 5: Lord Combermere

Lord Combermere ghost picture. Notice the clarity of the arm.

Lord Combermere, once governor of Barbados and curious party in the case of the Chase Vault mystery, appears to have been photographed relaxing in a chair after his death. Sybell Corbet took this photograph in the library of Combermere Abbey in 1891.

Number 4: Freddy Jackson

Attached above is a 1919 photo of a squadron of R.A.F. pilots. Behind one of the men, a face appears to the right, not wearing the uniform cap, strangely transparent and awfully close to the man he stands behind. The squadron identified the strange face as belonging to Freddy Jackson, who died two days prior to this photo being shot.

Number 3: The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

Brown Lady of Raynham Hall is the most famous ghost picture in the world.

The 1936 Brown Lady of Raynham Hall photo is perhaps the most famous ghost picture in history. It is alleged that Lady Raynham is the ghost photographed on a staircase. Her husband allegedly imprisoned her in the hall for a large portion of her adult life.

Number 2: Tulip Staircase Ghost

The Tulip Staircase Ghost Photo. Does it show a backward arm or possibly two ghosts?

Reverend Ralph Hardy took the Tulip Staircase Ghost photograph at the Greenwich National Maritime Museum in 1966. It appears to capture a person struggling to get up the stairs with both hands pulling the railing. The positioning of the hands is very strange. The image shows two left hands and the top one is quite long. What this means is anyone’s guess.

Number 1: Spectre/Monk of Newby Church

This is one of the scariest ghost pictures in our opinion. The thought that this Spectre is looking directly at the photographer makes it even more disturbing.

Reverend Lord took this photograph at Newby Church in North Yorkshire England. It is number one not because it is seemingly authentic, but because it is by far the eeriest. The specter looks like a ghost of the murderer from the Scream films. To add to the scary factor, the photo has allegedly been analyzed and it was found that the subject would have measured 9 feet tall.

Mr. James England

I have always been interested in ghost stories, the mysterious and anything paranormal which can't be explained rationally.