UFOs & Extraterrestrial

From Betty and Barney Hill to the Roswell UFO crash of 1947, we now find ourselves in the 21st century and people are still seeing UFOs. We are still hearing about their extraterrestrial encounters and abductions. Think it’s just mass hysteria? The universe is so enormous and possibly infinite. It is statistically unlikely that we are alone in it. The question is, have we been visited by other intelligent beings? And if so, how did they come here?

They are said to enter our atmosphere with ease and have been witnessed by many credible people in the military, the aviation industry and by law enforcement. They’ve been seen zipping away at speeds no one thought possible. They’ve been observed shooting fireballs, beaming people up, and disappearing into thin air. How do they defy the laws of physics as we know them, and what technology do they possess that allows them to traverse millions of light years through space? Perhaps the most important question is, if there are beings entering our world, what are their designs? Their goals and plans? Are Aliens really visiting and abducting humans? Read about them in this section and decide for yourself.

Chilean UFO Revealed in Navy Video

  • by Kim Hunt

The Chilean UFO incident in which video footage was obtained by the Navy is unexplainable and deemed the object an Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon.

Thomas Mantell UFO Encounter

The Thomas Mantell UFO led a chase that would claim the life of the Captain. Read what the military air traffic controllers witnessed about the encounter.

Dhekelia Barracks Alien Encounter

In September 1968, one of the strangest alien encounters occurred at the Dhekalia Barracks in Cyprus.  It was so frightening the guard dog got PTSD.

Different Types of Alien Races

Many thousands of people have reported witnessing UFO activity and contact with aliens. These are the different types of alien races most commonly reported.

Strange Men in Black (MiB) Reports

Even by the standards of Men in Black (MiB) reports, what occurred in October 1975 must rank as one of the most bizarre of all MiB reports on record.